Allocation Program

Our Leeu Passant wines aim to express the broader South African landscape and heritage. We have assembled a small, select group of one-of-a-kind historic vineyards, some of which are extremely old, for the coveted wines we make at our Leeu Passant winery situated on Leeu Estates in Franschhoek. These cuvees have received consistently high accolades from wine critics and a strong following from wine lovers and collectors around the world.

Over time we have developed a clear philosophy and aesthetic of how best to grow and make the highest possible quality wine – expressing terroir, purity, vibrancy, and a natural intensity from our focused group of vineyards in the Cape.
The perpetual pursuit of making truly Fine Wine is the direction we want to continue in and we are putting all our time and energy into this quest. The ever-increasing quality and authenticity in our vineyards and Leeu Passant winery, in conjunction with our desire to meet your needs as a highly valued supporter of our journey, have led to a natural evolution of our Private Customer offering.

As local and international excitement and demand for fine South African wine surges, the most exclusive and exciting perk of being a Member is priority access to our most sought-after wines, including the Leeu Passant Wellington Basson Cinsault (planted in 1900) and the Leeu Passant Radicales Libres, as well as handful of micro cuvees that would be exclusive to you.

In order to request an allocation of the new release offerings, you can contact Kayo Mc Gregor our Private Sales Manager.

Allocations are based on your direct purchase history with Leeu Passant.

Leeu Passant Allocation Offering

  • The Leeu Passant New Vintage Release