Introduction To Leeu Passant

“A single moment can transform an afternoon, or a lifetime”

– Andrea Mullineux

Allocation Program

Our Private Customer Offering focuses on giving you priority access to our Leeu Passant wines through an Allocation Program, consisting of one release offer per year:

  • The Leeu Passant New Vintage Release


Leeu Passant honours the Cape’s vinous history dating back to the 17th century. These wines share many elements of the great wines produced in the Cape in the 1900’s, reconstructed in a modern, minimalist way while respecting the timelessness of tradition.

The Name “Leeu Passant” is derived from Heraldry, referring to a ‘roaming Lion’ and its symbol is visible on the top of Leeu Passant capsules. The wine brand ‘Leeu Passant’ is synonymous with Franschhoek and the Old Vine Project.